This session is a personal coaching plan for support and guidance along your fertility journey. Together we will prepare you emotionally and practically for optimal fertility through dietary intervention, lifestyle modification, mind management etc – before, during and after pregnancy.
Every intending parent have a fair knowledge that there has got to be an easier way to figure out these fertility issues, but most are unsure of where to turn.
This is the gap that this coaching session fills as we help you devise a bespoke conception plan and help you stick to it while giving you the confidence to take control and achieve success.
We’ll work one-on-one in the areas of nutrition, spirituality and lifestyle for a holistic, natural approach.
After each meeting you will have clarity as to what is and isn’t working and why. Working together, we will make the necessary tweaks to address your personal needs or identified critical factors.
Each week you will take small, manageable steps closer and closer to your vision of having your little one in your arms.

We will have a compatibility consult to make sure the program is a good fit for you after which we will discuss fertility awareness & defining program expectations.
In response to your email, I will send you a simple questionnaire, to review your history and help us evaluate your goals.
We’ll get to know each other and establish a comfortable, safe environment for sharing & dreaming.
Each week we’ll have a live video or phone call to work on your goals & share about your fertility journey.
After each meeting, you will receive an email recap of our session including weekly and monthly goal action steps.
By the end of the Fertility Focused Coaching Program you will have achieved the goals we set during our first meeting.

Together we will create a personal transformation plan of optimal health. Nutrition, fitness, stress management and spiritual health will be our guideposts to prepare your mind and body for conception, identify/overcome fertility issues and sustain a healthy pregnancy to term. You will be your healthiest and best self so you can produce the healthiest baby possible.


Access to a committed team of fertility and health experts who have your best interests at heart & will hand-hold you to achieve your fertility goals in shortest possible time.

Weekly fertility Call-in reviews with the fertility coach.

Monthly video conference calls and support prayer and counseling meetings.

Loads of easy-to-use video recordings of fertility tools to master the art of trying effectively for a healthy baby.

Your personal three month vision & goals setting session

Weekly guided meditation sessions highlighting personal empowerment, lifestyle and Neuroendocrine support providing a holistic approach to healthy living for couple’s health and that of their prospective children.

*FREE Hard copy of the amazon best-selling fertility book: Getting Pregnant with Ease.

*Free Ecopy of the book: 7 Fertility Lies they told you.

*A FREE complete pack of the renowned health drink– Soprecious Elixir drink pack.

Recommendation on necessary fertility tests to conduct and Free Medical diagnosis and critical interpretation of all your tests and scan results in view of maximizing fertility chances.

Medical Referral test letters to world-class  fertility diagnostic laboratories in your city for accurate analysis and diagnosis.

A comprehensive holistic view of the “unexplainable” part of your infertility: providing accurate answers to WHY, WHAT & HOW of your fertility goals.

Bespoke fertility diet plan with free Fertility foods recipes options for improved health and increased conception chances.

Free Fertility supplementation plan: tried & proven brands of supplements & herbal remedies, where to get them,correct pharmaceutical grade specifications, options of schedule repeat deliveries to save more and lots more!

Post- conception fertility check-ins even after the fertility program is over to not just achieve conception but support to carry to full term and have a healthy mum birth a healthy baby.

One-on-One Fertility Program Price - N300,000

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