In engaging intending parents : what I have found they are have in common is that they face a combination of multiple (un)diagnosed fertility challenges and are weary of trying every suggestion people could think of.
You see, infertility is a very touchy silent subject.  No one wants to talk about it nor face it.
The body was made to reproduce “all things been equal” but when there is some sort of imbalance in the system : Our role is then to support you in firstly, identify what exactly the matter really is , that is your individual fertility issues and secondly agree on a plan to make the necessary lifestyle changes, that enables you to achieve your goals.

We empower couples to take control of their fertility and wellness and take back their fertility naturally – giving these intending parents, the best possible chance of creating the healthy baby of their dreams – naturally or through IVF/ICSI when we deem it absolutely necessary.
The formula basically is “Healthy Sperm+ Healthy Eggs= Healthy Baby” so even when we need to explore other conception options eg IVF/ICSI, we work with the couple to ensure we give it the best shot with the healthiest egg and sperm quality achievable.

The counsels we give you does not replace that which your own medical practitioners have given,
you may want to check with your health care provider before following any new regime or advice offered in this fertility community.

We only encourage you to take full responsibility for their own fertility and well-being.

Overcoming fertility issues demands both personal responsibility and accountability, so why wait till tomorrow!

The soprecious fertility community is provided as a free fertility and lifestyle resource to all those interested in optimizing their natural fertility, health and well being–irrespective of whether they are approaching conception naturally or via assisted reproductive methods such as IUI, IVF, ICSI, donor or any other.

We partner with medical expert practitioners and together review each individual case holistically.
We support those who have been trying for a child for at least 2 years or with previous miscarriages or those who seek scientifically researched and evidence-based information to increase their chances of overcoming infertility and miscarriage


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