Hello Moms, often times during our fertility intervention coaching sessions when we ask the intending parents: “Have we done any tests for Daddy?”
“When was this done?”
and I am like 😮😮
Ladies, Semen quality analysis results are not a “forever set-on-a-rock report”
even if the sperm analysis is “normal”, we can’t dismiss sperm quality during preconception care or TTC.
As women, we have many more signs that something might be off. Cycling hormones, CM, BBT, ovulation (or lack of), length of cycle or period flow……and many more lab tests and evaluation procedures. Not to mention the pressure we tend to put on ourselves…..which can make it pretty easy to convince ourselves (or even be told by a doc) that we are the reason we are struggling to conceive or carry a baby to term.
Why is sperm quality important when the sperm analysis normal?
👉🏻A standard sperm analysis looks at volume, motility (movement), morphology (shape) and count. This is great information! But it doesn’t consider another measure of quality, DNA fragmentation which can influence conception & a successful pregnancy.
👉🏻Optimal ranges are not considered. This can be a BIG deal. “Normal” does not mean optimal, it means average which could greatly impact chances of conception especially when female factors are also involved.
👉🏻It can decrease your time to conception!
👉🏻You care about the life-long health of your future child. Sperm is 50% of the DNA that will make up a tiny human, this has a major impact on the health of a tiny human & how hard they will have to work to stay healthy.
Did you know that 33% of infertility is due to male factor? Another 33% is female factor and the remaining is combined male/female factors. Plus there is zero downside to incorporating nutrition & lifestyle changes that improve sperm quality!
Do you have concerns and what premium information on What you can do to improve sperm quality?
Learn more in our new book: GETTING PREGNANT WITH EASE.

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