One of the FAQ at our Fertility coaching programs is:

“if simple changes in managing lifestyle
habits increase the chances of getting pregnant, why is it that Doctors all over the world don’t tell women more about it?

But let me put it another way: Why should they?
If they told you the roles that certain type of diets, lifestyle and Supplementation play In increasing your chances at Conception, they will never saw you again.
Are you getting the picture?

Now, am I saying that the medical specialists are deceitful people who don’t want you to succeed in getting pregnant naturally? Certainly not. In fact, all the people I know who have studied medicine have good, caring, and altruistic personalities.

Unfortunately, their working hours are often brutal and they don’t run their own practice, And these are often accompanied by huge amounts of administrative work.
So when should these overworked folks find time to attend conferences and read scientific journals, to teach you how to improve your chances to get pregnant naturally?

In the evening, when they go to their own families?
On the weekend, when many continue working to meet ovulations and the priorities of their patients?
I actually understand them so well that my bestie often jokes and
tells me I should write a book to let the world know how difficult the lives of medical doctors (and scientific postdocs!) are when they try to help others, keep up with and conduct research, and teach, all in one career.

In a nutshell, you and the medical doctors often have the same goal: to get you pregnant. But the moment you get pregnant naturally, you are not your clinic’s business any more. Again, this is not to say that fertility specialists don’t want you to succeed in this way, they simply have different priorities. Unfortunately, Your nutrition, supplements, or management of your life habits are not one of them.
For example, doctors often put a lot of faith in high-tech solutions at their clinics, and with good reason. The pregnancy rates at many clinics are better than natural rates, even in young women. That’s definitely something to feel proud of, and it only became possible a few decades ago.

Taking advantage of all other options that will boost your chances to get pregnant is entirely your responsibility.
It would be great if, at some point, information on ways to improve fertility become more broadly available to women when they are still young. However, for the moment, we still don’t live in that world.
Therefore, women in fertility treatments need to acknowledge that there are vested interests and other priorities on all sides of the process, but luckily these are not unmanageable. On the windy road to motherhood, sometimes there can be some miscommunication or even silence going on. But don’t become discouraged; all these are steps leading you in the direction that is right, and that’s what matters most.

Put a hat on for a rainy day, and be prepared to sometimes feel a bit lonely during the journey.
Do not forget that you are not alone.
I gat you!

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Huge Hugs

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