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Did you know that based on epidemiological research of multiple populations around the globe, a couple at their peak fertility has an average of 3 months time-to-pregnancy?

This means if you are having unprotected sex, once egg meets sperm in 3 months maximum, we should have a viable embryo growing. However, when biochemical obstacles to optimum health or fertility begin to mount on either partner’s reproductive scales, this otherwise uneventful biological milestone of pregnancy becomes a distant or even impossible wish, if they don’t apply appropriate intervention.

When obstacles to optimum fertility are stacked together OR WORSE STILL IGNORED OR WORSENED WITH THE WRONG Fertility Strategy, they compound the ‘3 months average time to pregnancy’ in an unexpected, and quite severe way. In SoPrecious Fertility coaching programs, we define “a minor factor” or “Obstacle to optimum fertility” as anything that takes reproductive function out of its usual and ideal biological pattern (e.g. PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, sperm parameter or egg quality issues, hormonal imbalances, immunological aspects, environmental toxicity – you name it).

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