I get asked frequently if caffeine is safe when trying to conceive.
My answer is NO.

Reason I don’t recommend decaf coffee (water based or otherwise) is that in coffee there are many other compounds in addition to the caffeine that can plan a role in hormonal imbalance and inflammation. All caffeine containing drinks, coffee and black tea (which are naturally high in caffeine), as well as any decaffeinated beverages should ideally be avoided whilst in the preconception preparation and conception attempt periods, and pregnancy.

Decaf coffee still has caffeine in it(have you watched our youtube videos in imapct of caffeine to fertility?)
, it also has a heap of chemicals from the decaffeination process, which definitely aren’t fertility friendly. So, if you must do, but you would serve yourself much better by just making the decision to cut caffeine completely-if you are in child-bearing age.

Teeccino tea is a good replacement (naturally low in caffeine) that some of my clients find to be quite a suitable replacement.

Asides fertility impact, I read of a research that reveals that Decaffeinated coffee may have a harmful effect on the heart by increasing the levels of a specific cholesterol in the blood.
caffeine-free coffee is often made from a type of bean with a higher fat content.
The researchers set up two groups- one was administered decaf and the one wasn’t.
They analysed blood samples from the two groups before and after the study to determine the levels of cholesterol and non-esterified fatty acids (NEFAs) in the blood – key indicators of heart disease risk.

To their surprise, the researchers found the decaffeinated group had experienced an 18% rise in NEFAs in the blood and an 8% rise in apolipoprotein B – a protein associated with a cholesterol linked to cardiovascular disease. This was not seen in the other group.

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