The Fertility approach that works!

When trust is abused- to try again becomes difficult.
I have been down that road, I know!
When a couple is trying for a child- they are all out for solutions- they have become “goggle experts” so they are trying a whole lot of disjointed and ineffective activities in the hope of realizing your dream.

You join a couple of fertility platforms and lots of “mix this, drink this, rub this” which are not based on any meta-analysis research nor recommended in view of the current biochemical status of each individual couple.
“Oh they say, drinking or rubbing this herbal mixed with this at this time in my cycle gets rid of infection or fibroids etc”

This is also while they are applying remedies from yet other health platforms. These ‘remedies’ end up contradicting themselves creating more havoc and pain.
This is what being misinformed, overwhelmed and confused looks like – leading to a huge waste of valuable irreplaceable precious fertile time.
I often use the analogy of ‘bringing down a tree’ to explain how to deal with infertility.

What we have out there is people try to take down the huge tree that stands between them and their dream baby- by cutting the tree by the stem.

When the tree is cut by the stem like flushing the tubes, mastectomy, IVF trials etc and the result is yet another failed IVF cycle/ re-grown fibroids/adhesions, re-clogged tubes- they are advised to try again, all these trials are without the proper tools or strategy, sustaining further complications along the way.
The reality that I keep reconfirming at every one-on-one session engaging couples that are trying for a child is that most couples have barely scratched the surface of what they could do to effectively overcome their fertility challenge, despite all they say they have done (and the large amount of time and money wasted).

It is critical to note that when seemingly minor obstacles to optimal health and fertility are allowed to get compounded with each other, they create a major complicated case.
I dare say that any approach to fertility intervention that is not holistic and methodical in process and does not take recognizance of the two bodies of the couple as one unit into consideration before recommendation- Is a sheer waste of time!

As I always tell my intending parents- believing you have gotten rid of the tree by cutting it off from the stem is ineffective, at it’s best.
What you need is to deploy a bulldozer and dig up the stomp from its root, clear the way and build a path to the healthy baby of your dreams.
This is the approach we deploy in the The Soprecious 7 step B.I.R.T.H® fertility program- the 90days one-on-one fertility intervention program.
It’s a tasking work in the beginning, but the results are infinitely more satisfactory at the long run.

You have more control than you think and in this program we enable you to dedicate yourself to your realm of control, bringing you a whole new fresh clarity in education so you know exactly what you need to do.
Knowing that you are on the right path, you can now take action until (not if) you have your desired outcome.

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