Reviews of the Book Getting Pregnant with Ease 

I like how informative it is especially talking about the “urbanization” of our bodies,e.g plastics,microwaves etc and how important sex education is even though yes,it is still widely frown at in our society and I also agree with the part where prayer isn’t just the needed tool in infertility or waiting on a child. Both parties need to be medically checked. The book is truly needed in today’s society as Education is liberating and can save lives

Adetoke Oluwo

Tv Producer and Designer

Mrs Samuels has put together a riveting description of infertility in our contemporary world, with quite a lot of in-depth information on the roles each partner in it. It’s definitely a must read for couples who have the desire to birth their own children. “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.


What a holistic approach to fertility.This book is a breath of fresh air, i absolutely love how chika explained in-depth by sharing her challenging personal journey on how she struggled with infertility.This is coming at a time where so many couples are suffering from depression. The real kicker comes with how easily digestible every chapter is. Definitely a must read!

Miss Oisagbai FaithFounder, Mommas and Mommastobe

This book is a must read to all women out there whether you are looking to conceive or not as there are so many vital information about the body mechanism. You will become more aware of what is going on in your body and you will be better prepared when you are ready to conceive and avoid the mistakes that has been made by a lot of women thereby avoiding the delay as well.When I heard about the book I had a picture of what it will be like but I was in awe within the first 5minutes of reading the book. You should find out for yourself when you get yourself a copy of the book.

Surline Isiagu Entrepreneur, Real Estate consultant,

 Travel consultant,Managing Director Luchia Travels.

Infertility is “a disease of the reproductive system defined by the failure to achieve a clinical pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sexual intercourse”……..WHO-ICMART-AFS-ASRM-ESHRE-ASPIRE.

One in four couples experiences infertility in developing countries. And it has shown an almost similar prevalence worldwide due to improved technology, late marriages, increased consumption of highly processed foods, environmental toxins, and a host of other changes our world today is experiencing.

As a reproductive endocrinologist/IVF consultant for over four decades and I have seen couples or intending parents walk into my office for support in assisted reproduction-most times, after which they have seemingly exhausted all options of natural conception. We seem to have forgotten about ourselves being the most important when it comes to reproduction, and we tend to chase something outside ourselves for that to happen. How better would our world be if we could “self-rejuvenate” or “self-heal” our body system by simply adopting sustainable lifestyle habits?  I have also discovered and resonate with Dr. Robert Morse N.D that there are no incurable diseases, only fatal people.

 Chika took an honourable and selfless step to write a critical book such as this, to help other women with similar experiences as herself in a society where exceptional knowledge is rare, and silence/ ignorance thrives amongst those in the quest for a child.

What’s impressive about this book is that it gives evidence-based insights into critical factors that affect fertility and packed with tips, suggestions, tools, and practical techniques for gaining results in the complex world of infertility. It is an enthusiastic celebration of strength, patience, and commitment in its expedient manner that instantly springs its reader to action, to take their health into their hands, and play their roles to create the required changes in their body.

I have spent the last 20 years, improving the ability to conceive through the set-up of Modern Mayr Medicine to promote reproductive health. Chika’s book complements that concept. I, therefore, recommend this book to those who have been trying to conceive. And to those who are interested in improving general well-being and vitality in an urban society such as ours. It is a must-have in your arsenal of alternative restorative measures.


Prof. Oladapo A Ashiru OFR






In Sept 2013, I was diagnosed with bilateral ovarian cyst and had to undergo surgery. I was lucky it was via laparoscopy which so happens to be the only way to diagnose endometriosis. After the surgery I was told I had endometriosis and that it was a major cause of infertility in women. Fast forward exactly one year later I got married and went for another exam and was told I had fibroid.we kept trying for a child all to no avail. A year after in 2015, I was diagnosed to have Fallopian tubes that were partially closed and wont allow for proper fertilization. I was advised to go for IVF.During the IVF preliminary tests in October 2018, I was given the worse news that I had a low ovarian reserve which in simple English meant I was not producing enough eggs and so if stimulated for egg retrieval, they would get little or nothing. This shattered me so badly that I broke down there and the doctor advised that I opt for an egg donor.That’s when I heard about this soprecious fertility on Instagram. Actually my younger sis who happened to be school mates with the author advised me to read her story in her free eBook. Her story inspired me and gave me hope. I knew I needed God and a change in lifestyle desperately.I engaged her and got added to the “soprecious fertility focused online group”.The super foods and other additions /subtractions recommended in my diet really did the trick to make me feel better about myself and healthy inside and out. The books recommended in the focused groups were just the best in changing the way I thought and the way I prayed and drew me a lot closer to God together with extra time in studying God’s words.I looked forward to apply each principle advised on the fertility focused grow and each day brought a time of revelation to me when i realized I could speak to my body because we have the power to.In April 2019, my period (Which is never late but always punctual like a clock) was late!I didn’t think much about it but choose to wait till whenever the period comes. I waited 3 weeks and nothing so I did a pregnancy test and it came out negative for pregnancy.I was unhappy but didn’t let that bother me for long. Then my period came 3 days after the test. After that cycle, I was late again for another 3 weeks. This time I decided to use the pregnancy home test kit I had. At This time also, I had started experiencing so much nausea and breast tenderness that I knew in my heart of hearts that I could be pregnant but was so scared to see a negative report. This time The test came out positive. I tested again for 2 more consecutive days and it was still positive!That is a day I would never forget because I was in awe and numb and excited and so many emotions at the same time. I didn’t know how to react. I’m just so grateful for the soprecious focused fertility group and God as they played a HUGE role in this. Thanks mama Chika for the lifestyle change and the support you gave. It made all the difference.

Uwajeh ego.Veterinary Doctor, Zoba veterinary Practitioners.

SoPrecious is amazing, they took care of my entire travel process and made it completely stress free. I’m happy to be a part of this family of amazing women.

Jane Okpara, Ikeja Lagos

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