Radiation in Technology Can Harm Fertility

The hallmark of modern technology is convenience and it can come with at a high price. Modern technology emits high levels of electromagnetic radiation, which is a definite hazard to optimum fertility and the developing embryo.

The best way to protect your fertility and safeguard the health and wellbeing of you and your prospective family is to avoid devices that harm your body’s delicate cells.

In some instances it can actually be impossible to completely avoid radiation but being aware of specific sources of radiation and reducing your exposure to these devices is the best approach.

One very simple way of doing this is to ensure that you don’t carry your mobile phone close to your body such as in a pocket for example.
Radiation emissions from the base station of a cordless phone can be as high as six volts per metre – which is twice as strong as those found within 100 metres of mobile phone station towers. When standing two metres away from the base of a cordless phone, you would still receive radiation as high as 2.5 volts per metre-that’s 50 times what scientists regard as a safe level.

The best way to avoid exposure to cordless phone radiation is to not have one in your home or office.

Use a standard fixed line and location phone instead-this particularly important if you are working to overcome fertility problems and/or miscarriages and want to have the healthiest possible baby.

However, if this is not an option, try limiting the amount of time you spend on your cordless phone, and when you are not using the handset, keep it on the base station (at least 5 metres away from where you spend a lot of time in, such as living room, home office, bedroom etc. It is a good idea to move the base station to an area in your home where you do not spend a lot of time – such as the foyer or entry, or your garage.


Wireless Technology

Studies conducted in this area show the non-thermal effects of this type of radiation include DNA damage and inability to self-repair, the opening of the blood-brain barrier (allowing toxins and pathogens to reach the brain), lowered immunity, decreased melatonin levels, cell damage, formation of micronuclei, changes in calcium metabolism affecting communication between cells, changes in brainwave patterns as seen on EEG’s, plus effects observed on many different systems of the body.

Although there are still no long term studies on the effects of exposure to the radiation emitted by wireless technologies, it is estimated the results will be very similar to those discussed previously, linked to mobile and cordless phone use.

Electric Blankets

Electric blankets (a blanket with a built-in heating element so the person sleeping can maintain a desired temperature) are very popular around the world. Many people use electric blankets because their use can reduce home heating costs, however, what a price for your health to pay.

Electric blankets have been seen to produce electromagnetic radiation over 70,000 times higher than normal acceptable levels. The electromagnetic radiation produced by electric blankets is able to penetrate about 6-7 inches (close to 20cm) into the body. Studies have shown that the use of electric blankets has been linked to an increase in the incidence and development of childhood leukaemia.

The use of electric blankets have also been linked to an increased rate of miscarriage, impaired baby development, increased stress levels, memory problems and possibly other types of cancers. One study showed that due to electromagnetic radiation emitted during operation, women who used electric blankets while pregnant had both, longer pregnancies and a higher miscarriage rate.

Mostly radiation is something we have to learn to live with because it is not going away. However making better choices to reduce your exposure is ideal for optimum fertility and the health of your prospective child.

Wireless technology such as wireless internet, computer networks and hot-spots as well as wireless mice, keyboards and speakers, also operate by using radio frequency non-ionising radiation similar to that used by mobile and cordless phones.

Many believe that exposure to these low-level electromagnetic waves radiated from wireless technology devices can be as harmful to health and fertility, causing cellular damage and possibly cancer as the other types of radiation already previously described.

Here are some of the sources of radiation, which can harm reproduction you need be aware about:

Mobile phones produce radio frequency (RF) radiation:

Most mobile phones transmit and receive RF radiation at frequencies between 825 and 915 megahertz (MHz). These radio waves are emitted by both mobile phone handsets and base stations. RF radiation has the ability to heat human tissue, similar to the way in which microwave ovens heat food. The thermal effects produced by the electromagnetic field of the radio waves cause polar molecules in the body to generate dielectric heat and this heat can cause live tissue to die.

In addition, essential to be aware of children’s and developing babies’ vulnerability to mobile phone radiation. Some studies have shown that mobile phone radiation can cause damage to the DNA of cells – there was damage to chromosomes, changes to the activity of certain genes, and an increase in the rate of cell division and replication.

At a time when cells are rapidly dividing and growing into specialized cells and tissues, we need to realise that any interference in this process may result in the development of birth defects or illnesses. Many studies also link module phone use with decrease in production and quality of a man’s sperm.

Cordless Phones:

Cordless phones emit the same type of radiation as mobile phones, however some experts believe they are even more dangerous than mobile phones. 

This belief is due to the fact that the base stations of cordless phones emit the same type of radiation as a mobile phone station tower, and depending on the model sometimes more than twice the amount of radiation as mobile phone tower.

If you are compulsory in a workplace that has these rays all day or going through IVF, I recommend
To protect those little embryos from all that wifi check out Belly Armour blankets and underclothing.

Mobile phones are an ingrained part of our daily lives – for better or worse. Did you know that they can have negative effects on your fertility, particularly for men and sperm health? Numerous studies have been published linking the radio frequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMF) produced by mobile phones to disruption in our body’s cells and physiological function.

The reality is that for some couples this type of unprotected exposure combined with other biochemical obstacles to optimum fertility could actually make the difference between having a baby or not.

In saying this, total avoidance is impossible in our daily lives, but there are some simple steps you can take to decrease your exposure and protect your fertility:
• Decrease mobile phone use as much as possible—go back to using a landline with an old fashioned corded phone wherever possible (cordless phones operate using the same principle as mobile phones);
• Use a mobile phone’s speaker wherever possible—without ever sitting it on your lap!
• NEVER carry a mobile phone that is switched on in your pocket—EVER!
• At night avoid having your mobile phone by your bedside table; invest in a battery-operated alarm clock (anything that plugs into a wall also emits EMR);
• For men, be a trend-setter and acquire a “man bag” or very fashionable indeed “satchel” to carry your personal belongings including your mobile phone so it’s not near your body frying your sperm—you will never look back!
• Use radiation reducing mobile phone covers to decrease your exposure.

Doing the best you can to reduce your exposure will not only increase your chances of conception but also of creating the healthiest possible baby.

I will add, with regard to radiation preventing covers, my favourite is Safe Sleeve https://www.earthingoz.com.au/online-store/radiation-protection/mobile-phones/safesleeve

The belly armour blankets are great and you can also get clothing from them as well that has the same purpose of reducing/stopping EMF getting through to your body.
If thats too expensive at the money just make it simple and stick to the following rules-

When it comes to phone use there’s a few things to be aware of.
1. Avoid carrying on your body where possible especially men who tend to carry them in their front pocket which is right near their testicles.
2. Avoid using Bluetooth devices especially those that are placed on the head.
3. Avoid talking on the phone while holding it up to your ear use loudspeaker or if that’s not possible use airtube ear plugs instead.
4. Get a radiation reducing phone cover but remember if phone calls can get through its still emitting a signal so these don’t make it safe to carry on your body.
5. Never sleep near your phone and do not charge your phone near you when sleeping (even if on airplane mode).

A couple of other things to note. Cordless phone bases can emit a similar amount of radiation as a mobile phone tower so get rid of them.
Where possible use cables to connect everything to the internet and turn off WiFi at nighttime to give your body a break and time to heal.

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