The Soprecious Signature Elixir Drink Pack

Order your pack of Soprecious Elixir drink
Each pack of this incredible, cleansing and healing elixir mix contains:

1. 90 counts of pure high source omega-3 series mix (A Soprecious recommended brand)
Proven Use for healing ovulatory infertility & inflammatory growths like fibriods, PCOS, Cysts, Reoccuring yeast infections, Low Libido.

2. 454g of Plant-based Soy-free Pure
Phosphatidyl-complete series powder (A Soprecious recommended brand)
Proven to balance hormones and create baby-friendly environment for high-receptivity to sperm cells.
Helps with weight maintenance, curbs hunger pangs and facilitates healthy liver, guts, digestive tracts, Supports cellular signaling and synaptic function.

3. 250 Softgels of Natural E-400 variant Foods (A Soprecious recommended brand)
Proven to support autoimmune deficiencies, supports egg quality, improves sex drive, balances menstrual and Ovulation cycles and improves poor sperm parameters.

4. Client-specific fertile herbal prescription for targeted sperm health & egg quality improvement & bespoke fertility meal plan.

Each order comes with a “How to Use” video and Standard Usage Procedure for fast and result-oriented outcomes.

We encourage the couple, after 1 month of consistent and correct use, to go again for a scan/tests for visibly improved results.

All products are gynecologically-proven to produce the claimed results and each are top-quality made from best hygiene practices ,Vegan-Friendly, Non-GMO and all Plant-based

Guaranteed expected results within at least 4 weeks of daily consumption:

*Shrinks Fibriods

*Improves Libido & Ovulation processes

*Improves Endometriosis and PCOS symptoms

*Enhances Egg & Sperm Quality while Creating a safe improved fertile environment for Conception

Each Complete Set of Soprecious Elixir Drink Pack comes with nutrient-dense curative active ingredients that are specifically chosen to target and produce speedy result for:
* Those struggling with infertility illnesses
* Those struggling with weight management
* Those concerned with eating disorders

Frequently Asked Questions about the Elixir Drink

This Soprecious Elixir drink is an incredible, cleansing and healing elixir that is recommend to be taken twice daily in order to improve liver detoxification.

Enhancing liver function contributes to improved health and wellbeing. As a result, this awesome drink supports:

• Detoxification
• Enhanced immune function
• Liver health
• Hormonal balance
• Nourishing and strengthening cells and cell membranes
• Optimal digestive health

It is safe to consume if pregnant or doing IVF, as well as throughout natural conception attempts (during the entire month).

If you are allergic to citrus, then avoid the drink; if you don’t like any of the single ingredients in the mix – at least try it – as you may be surprised by the combination as a whole, which in my opinion creates a very palatable beverage.

This happens seldom, however if you feel excessively bloated or unwell after 1-2 weeks of drinking it – discontinue use and replace this ritual with drinking 2-3 cups daily of liver cleansing teas instead (e.g. Milk thistle, dandelion, globe artichoke etc).

If as part of the #soprecious7DayFertilitydare you have improved your diet, got rid of toxins and began drinking this drink—any changes in your cycle or body may occur as a way of your body rebalancing, however you can be rest assured that none of this change is a negative side effect.
On a side note, also be sure to increase your filtered water intake to 2-3L daily for optimum health.

Some of the other benefits of this awesome Drink:

• Decreases blood acidity – despite lemon juice being acidic
• The oils provide essential fatty acids for immune function; cell integrity; for dry skin, etc so expect a skin glow as you use.
• D-limonene in the lemon peel has anti-cancer effects and this targets growths like fibroids,polyps etc.
• The pectin helps emulsify the essentials oils and chelates toxins from the bowel so you may experience improved bowel movements.
• Lemon peel contains OPCs (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) – powerful antioxidants with antihistamine effects.
• Lecithin acts on the liver (esp. Fatty liver) and nervous system (peripheral neuropathy) as well as the kidneys and brain, plus helps the oils absorb better.
• Lecithin also helps with increased cholesterol and triglycerides
• The choline in lecithin provides raw material for liver detox pathways which is essential to egg quality.
• The drink helps decrease swollen glands and uterine growths ; increases energy; helps lift depression and anxiety.
• Helps with insomnia; increases appetite (only where there is poor appetite)
• Helps with weight normalization and regulates hunger pangs.
• Frequently raises cd4 counts (immune system)
• Decreases TNF and therefore inflammation.
• The oils in the citrus skin glands help the liver detox more effectively

One amazing brew; cheap; simple; safe & effective!

During preparation, The secret is to blend it for about 2-3 minutes on high speed blender. The more you blend it, the less actually you have to strain the drink.
Leaving the night part In the blender in the fridge, will oxidise and go bitter. You want it in a jar with a tight lid and as little air as possible
Definitely keep the seeds of the fruits! It’s the WHOLE lemon. Don’t need to strain just blend at high speed till it’s smooth. Any high speed blender is really great.
The recipe is for 2 portions. To make for two,Either double recipe and drink other half later or make fresh twice daily – if time permits make fresh.

If you feel sick you may not be digesting the fat content very well. Reduce the fat to a quarter of the recipe and build up slowly over a couple of weeks.

If its difficult keeping it down: You’ve got a couple of options- start small on the lemon drink i.e. Start with 1/4 lemon try that for a few days to see if it’s ok. Then increase gradually. Or you can go straight to St Mary’s thistle tea or dandelion tea.
The Soprecious Elixir drink will not cause, nor prevent a miscarriage.
The reason for taking it twice a day is because like with any therapeutic intervention you want to ensure the body is reminded in regular intervals of what is required. In this case it prompts liver cleansing and therefore doing it a couple of times a day enhances liver function which optimises overall health and fertility
Someone may ask “How long do i have to drink this drink before i start seeing / feeling the benefits?
My response will be, it’s important to remember that you have spent many years of chemical use, less than ideal food choices etc to get to where you are today. You need to allow your body the time to recover from all of that with the changes you are making. It can be several weeks, even months to repair damage done. Consistency is key!


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