Mothers, How Precious You Are

Dedicated so fondly to my mother most beloved, Jennifer Florence Katagata; my adorable wife, Theodorah; my dear sisters, in-laws and relatives; and all my esteemed women friends worthy of the title, mother.

Those who have in one way or another played and continue to play a motherly role in the lives of our children as biological mothers; good stepmothers; foster mothers to orphaned and abandoned children; governesses in homes; and matrons in schools.

Good, is what God saw of all He had created, save for Man to stay alone;
For until out of Adam came, Eve, the most suitable companion, he was incomplete;
Overwhelmed with delight, “bone of my bones; flesh of my flesh” is what Adam saw of her;
The most refined version, the latest edition of man, the Mother of all humanity;
Yes, how could he be without her?

For even our Saviour’s only human parent was a mother;
Even the world recognises your pre-eminence- yes, in all you come first:
Mother-nature; Mother-land; Mother-tongue; Mother-Church; Alma mater;
Where did go the fathers?
Mothers, Oh, how with you inextricably bound ever we’re!

From conception, morning sickness you endured;
In labour, piercing pangs you braved;
To bring forth another child, some of us too heavy to bear;
Sleepless nights you withstood as you changed our diapers never wavering;
With joy you suckled and cuddled us to sleep as you vigilantly watched over us;

On your backs you untiringly carried us;
The best clothes and dolls you bought us that we may be the best;
Even though now grown, like and together with our children, your babies we remain;
About us to reminisce with beaming contentment;
And our children for grannies with love to spoil!

Scare anybody; they’ll scream ‘Maama’;
Anger them, they’ll yell, ‘Maama’;
For whether they laugh or weep, ‘Maama’ in their minds and lips always imprinted;
Visible and indelible ’tis;
Mothers, Oh, how adorable; how lovely you’re!

Mothers, your sweetness in songs is proclaimed;
As do the advertisements of your lasting love;
In acclamation as in rebuke of a child’s conduct Mothers are central;
For the first and foundational morality instructors to their children they’re;
The essential mirrors of their character!

Even God knows that mothers rarely forget their children;
To guarantee His unfailing love for Jerusalem, He presents Himself as a Mother (Isaiah 49:15):
“Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne?”
And for Jesus Christ’s messianic ministry, of His Mother, blessedness is said (Luke 11:27):
“Blessed is the womb that bore you and the breasts that suckled you.”

In songs, for whom you’re and unto us you’ve done, in sweet accord from deep within, you’re:
Greeted: “Mother, how are today …?”
Remembered with gratitude: “Sweet mother, I’ll never forget you …”
Acclaimed: “Maama, oli mukwano gwange, mu butuufu tolina duplicate… tosangika!”
Special to us you’re and will always be:
Most Optimistic; Thoughtful; Helpful; Encouraging; Resourceful; and Selfless to us!

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