Holidays are a time of joy and merriment for many and for those trying for a child– its a very sensitive period.

“E don happen yet?”
“Sister, you still deh do shakara, you no wan give your husband pikin?”
“Nne, a mans love is not complete without a child o, you need to give him a child anyhow”
“You’re enjoying your food and the company of the people around you. The holiday vibe is definitely in the air! When suddenly, a relative pops out of nowhere and asks you that question: When are you going to have a baby?”
Most stay away from events to avoid these scenerios.

Wherever you are on your fertility journey dictates how you’re going to feel with these questions.

But nevertheless, i understand that this is usually an uncomfortable situation — especially if you’re experiencing some difficulties conceiving or carrying to term.
So because i have tolled this path and mastered the perfect response and ways to deal with these scenerios.

here are a few tips you may find useful this holiday season.

  1. Learn that you have the right to get out of a conversation that’s making you uncomfortable. If it’s bothering, you can tell them. You can excuse yourself if that’s what you need.
  2. Redirect the conversation into another topic.
  3. Give a short but direct answer to prevent further questions.
  4. Understand that such questions and pregnancy advice are usually well-meaning. These friends and families actually mean well most times and are actually advising based on what they know. Just that those comments often come off as unsympathetic or crossing the line, but most of the time are really meant to offer support.

So in all things this season.
Ensure you have fun.
Create time to de-stress and really REST.
Enjoy your family and friends.
Be grateful for what you have.

Be sure to have a very healthy and Merry Christmas.
Huge Hugs!
Have you experienced these scenarios before?
Do you have any advice to share in the comments?
Let us know!

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