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Meet Chika Samuels
She is a preciously loved wife, a mother, and an amazing leader and mentor.
She’s an unequivocal advocate for natural ancient medicine and sustainable healthy Living.
A bestselling author, a health & fertility coach and TV Host of multiple health related programs.
She is a Multi-certified Integrative Health Practitioner and Fertility Coach.
She is the host of the famous SoPrecious health Kitchen show, SoPrecious baby dust show and SoPrecious fertility challenge/detox programs etc.
She is a repeat Amazon bestselling author in the wellness, diet and fertility genres and has authored 5 weight loss and fertility books and more in the works.
She has completed over 70,000 consultations/ appointments that addressed various fertility and wellness needs and now leads a team of health experts while coaching over 9,000 paid clients from all continents of the world in virtual functional medicine practices.
I am here to share my learnings and experiences to help you unravel the real reasons why you feel unwell, heal yourslef, feel alive again.
i am here to serve.
First lets meet you!

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