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    Is your focus for desiring to get slim or loose weight: healthy?
    Photos of Adele post-weight loss have been circling the internet for a couple of months now. The most recent are of her on holiday in Anguilla with Harry Styles.
    Media has it that “Her whole focus during the weight loss journey has really been all about how she can be healthier and how can she treat her body better. It was never about losing weight.
    She got to the point where she didn’t feel great. She knew she had to change something, it has nothing to do with vanity or social pressures or the expectations of fame. Instead, she wanted to lose weight to be the healthiest mum possible,” a source told People magazine.
    I’m so touched and inspired by reports like this.
    It’s a pity that our society applauds what we shouldn’t and do not praise what we should.
    Body shaming on media is rooted as one of causes of depression, low self esteem, divorce, suicides.
    Even young mothers are shamed at their bulging tummies- the tummy that houses the most beautiful creature on earth became what the mother had to grow sleepless nights on because the society demands that she looks like “she had not given birth”
    C’mon ladies: You just brought a full human being into this planet: your body WORKED for this blessing and it’s nothing to be ashamed of”
    We all dont burn calories ar same levels and some lose weight faster than some also eating habits differ as this is a function of WHAT & how much you consume and how frequently OVER How much you lose.
    There is loads of “Get slim fast” “Drink & Get slim without exercise” fad mixtures and products selling fast on media. Many buyer do not know what the active ingredients of these herbs! What is focused on is what the scale and mirror is showing!
    This is unhealthy,guys!
    Like a friend will always say : it’s called “SELF- esteem”.
    You must esteem your SELF high enough to care about your body.

    Your body is the temple of God and your baby’s first home: this is my focus and inspiration to adopt and sustain a healthy lifestyle. This is what gets me off the bed when I should be doing my work outs, this is what makes me to choose unhealthy fast foods over healthy options.
    It’s about FOCUS: I loved this article on adele because she said
    “She got to the point where she didn’t feel great. She knew she had to change something, it has nothing to do with vanity or social pressures or the expectations of fame. Instead, she wanted to lose weight to be the healthiest mum possible”
    1. She came to that point of reflection and decision about her health. Healthy routines are something a lot of people think are far fetched or expensive but once it’s a routine and properly planned: it’s very cost effective and pays off on the long run.
    2. She was going this for HERSELF and for her child.
    This is soooo my mantra: I love it when I feel healthy- it literally gets me so excited!
    When I was pregnant: of course I had cravings et all But because I had already defined a healthy pattern: it was easy for me to eat healthy across the trimester…i was so focused that even on mybirthday while i was pregnant: there was lots and lots of cakes and “goodies” but I didnt indulge in any. I already had my healthy options in the house so I didnt miss a thing.
    I love to keep to my healthy habits because I want to grow beautifully with my child- I dont want to go through all this and be unavailable for my child because of a health condition I could have prevented by lifestyle habits.
    Its starts with WHY.
    WHY do you want to loose weight?
    If it’s because of vanity, social pressure or to maybe please a friend/spouse then trust me: it’s not sustainable.
    Meaning the day those factors are missing or they change their opinion about your looks then suicide and depression knocks in.
    The urban adult is the ENGINE of most multinational organizations and every day we are choosing how much longer we can live by our lifestyle choices and if there comes a time when you are diagnosed with a chronic disease that makes you indisposed at work: you will be shocked at how fast the organization will move on without you!
    The urban adult works so hard and pays little attention to SELF-CARE.
    This is the gap we intend to bridge with apt insightful resources like our new book GETTING PREGNANT WITH EASE.
    If you are an urban adult:a newly wed(even if you have children) or plan to birth children in next 2-5 years: you need this book to prepare your body.
    There is no quick fix to it: You need this knowledge for the few years ahead of you.
    Learn more in our new book: GETTING PREGNANT WITH EASE.

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