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    The body cannot heal self-heal when under chronic stress with the sympathetic nervous system stuck on.

    The sympathetic nervous system, or fight or flight mode, comes on when there is a threat (or perceived threat) that we feel we have to fight or flee from in order to survive.
    Normally this is supposed to be for a short while, soon switching back to a parasympathic state (rest and digest).
    Sadly, the urban adult today have more stressors to face each day than our forefathers in the whole life put together: especially if you live in metropolitan cities like Lagos.
    These stressors impacts hormones. To Some: it feels good at first because adrenaline and cortisol can give us energy, mental clarity, heightened senses (I mean, we need those things to fight the bear or run from it) but it can’t sustain that for very long before our body starts to move to adapt to this constant fight for survival.

    Just because the body tries to adapt, doesn’t mean it’s thriving and this is where many miss it!
    In a sympathetic state, survival is the only name of the game – not being optimal for the future not to talk of reproduction.
    What does that adaptation look like? Digestive distress, gut dysbiosis, thyroid disorders, livers on slow-motion, mood swings, hormonal imbalance, nutrient deficiencies, blood sugar dysregulation, thinning hair, skin issues, adrenal probs, body aches, inflammation, poor immunity, and on and on.

    In survival mode, there is no time to fully digest + absorb what we eat – if we can even muster an appetite, no time to produce hormones for creating a fertilized egg.

    Nature is soothing and calm.
    We cant bring a baby into chaos, no time to make sure organs (liver, kidneys) are working to detoxify excess hormones + toxins accumulated throughout the day. The body can’t spare any nutrient for the “extra.” The body has to provide for fighting or fleeing because to our brain, we could DIE.
    These are the communications going on in your body and if you look closely:you will hear the messages .
    What steps are you taking to prepare your body: which is your baby’s first home?
    Share this till it gets to someone that must read this
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