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    Soy-free Lecithin is one of the top ingredients of the soprecious elixir drink.

    Lecithin is a liver cleanser as it acts as an emulsifier in the drink.
    • Lecithin acts on the liver (esp. Fatty liver) and nervous system (peripheral neuropathy) as well as the kidneys and brain, plus helps the oils absorb better.
    • Lecithin also helps with increased cholesterol and triglycerides
    • The choline in lecithin provides raw material for liver detox pathways
    It is an abundant source of choline which is great for liver health .

    Choline is an essential nutrient, which is involved in the development, structure and function of every cell in our body.  It is particularly important in brain development.
    Choline, a key component of lecithin, is a macronutrient which is especially important for optimum liver function and therefore in turn a properly functioning endocrine system. It is also key in supporting the nervous, digestive and reproductive systems.

    Supports healthy neural tube closure 
    Reduces the risk of neural tube defects 
    Helps reduce risk of miscarriage 
    Supports healthy brain development.
    Supports healthy growth of the placenta
    May help support lifelong learning and memory
    Reduces stress and anxiety levels in the infant.
    Recent Research shows that around 90% of women are not reaching the recommended adequate intake.
    The neural tube, which connects the brain and the spinal cord, develops and closes during the first 4 weeks of pregnancy.  High levels of choline reduce the risk of neural tube defects.  So it’s recommended to start boosting your intake of this essential
    nutrient as soon as you begin planning for pregnancy. 
    What are waiting for?
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