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    Do you know that from about age 25, sperm cell production starts decreasing😔. And the sperm that are produced tend to have decreased mobility with age, thus hindering their ability to reach and fertilize an egg.
    300 million sperm are released with each ejaculation. The Sperm’s journey to a mature Ovum takes about 45 minutes to
    12 hours. The chance of conception is diminished
    considerably if a man doesn’t have millions of normally
    shaped, fast-moving sperm😪
    Then we talk about “how many qualifies & how fast” ie Sperm morphology, motility and
    When coupled with the wrong lifestyle habits like smoking,alcohol,STD, work patterns, diet etc then we are dealing with DNA damage of sperm cells, likelihood of miscarriages 🤕etc.

    Did you know that at birth, a female has as many eggs as she will ever have in her lifetime – over a million😉- She wont make more after birth. All she is born with is all she will ever have😔!
    By the time a girl reaches puberty, she has about 300,000 left😯, and only 300 of those will ever be ovulated😳.
    After age 30, hormone levels start declining and egg production starts to deteriorate.
    The older a woman is, the older her eggs, and older eggs are not as fertilisable as young eggs and Because they’ve been around for a lifetime, they’ve had decades of exposure to various adverse elements – viruses, X-rays, drugs, environmental toxins, infections etc.
    You see why I often say that, Fertility is a lifestyle and not just about getting pregnant and I look forward to having these taught in the schools of our young adults instead of just teaching them “how avoid being pregnant”.
    When a young adult is exposed to these information; they will understand the long-term benefits and consequences and most importantly WHY they should not expose their bodies to toxins, toxic relationships and the wrong lifestyles.
    Brother and Sister, There is no mincing words about it.
    Do not be deceived-
    You NEED to get this book like last decade
    This book is FOR you IF:

    1. You have been trying to conceive for more
    than 2 years or has previously experienced a miscarriage💔: you are already in a race with time 🧭:Your eggs & sperm cells are not waiting for you. Stop wasting time with trial and error self-prescriptions of “eat this or rub that or drink that”. Order your copy of the book NOW.

    2. You are between the ages of 18 and 45: even if you are not procreating now but want to adopt easy and sustainable lifestyle choices. Tomorrow is too late.Now is the perfect time. Order your copy of the book NOW.

    3. Every woman that intends to birth🤰 or nurse 🤱a child.
    Your sperm or eggs are not waiting till you are ready. Time is ticking.
    Get equipped with the right information so you are GOOD TO GO by the time you are ready.Order your copy of the book NOW.

    4. Every bride (groom)-to-be
    NOW is the time. After wedding bells next expected is naming ceremony: Get equipped with the right information so you are GOOD TO GO by the time you are ready.Order your copy of the book NOW.

    5. Every urban🚦 wo(man).
    If you want to know how to live in the “Ageless zone” literally. If you are beginning to look older than your spouse. AUNTY/BROTHER: This Book is for you!

    6. Every man 🦾 who wants improved health for procreation.
    Get equipped with the right information so you are GOOD TO GO by the time you are ready.Order your copy of the book NOW.

    7. Those who desire to have more children.
    Some of us like our family circle small😁 but if you want MORE battalion then This Book is for you!

    8. Those interested in Pre-menopausal health care.
    Get your body “Baby-friendly”

    9. Everyone interested in improving their overall vitality &
    health, as well as adopting sustainable healthy lifestyle

    If you have a loved one who is struggling with infertility– Lend a helping hand with a copy of this book.

    Investment cost: N3,500👇

    Stanbic IBTC bank


    ACCOUNT NUMBER: Stanbic- 0016243269


    Getting Pregnant With Ease



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