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    Most times, when a new year Dawns, the Hopes and expectations are high until maybe end of first quarter.
    The previous year does not promise a new one without challenges.
    The excitements does not create pictures of the detractors on the path.
    2020 is a beginning of a new decade and that is significant.

    It is a new dawn of new beginnings and you must firm up to play your part in pursuit of the achievement of your dreams.
    Every week of this year, we have planned loads of engaging and exciting insightful programs and activities focused to taking you one step closer to a healthier and more fertile YOU.
    Surely, like I often say “Somethings got to give”
    You need to COMMIT to go all the way with these programs.
    Of course, there will be distractions and challenges along the way but let the light at the end of the tunnel keep you going.
    One thing I can promise you is that : each activity will be worth your time and in the end you will closer to the results than you would have been if you hadn’t started.
    This year, I am making myself available to be that shoulder that intending parents need to lean on.
    You see,
    The impact of the toll that illness and infertility takes on ones well being, health and mindset especially when these attempts run into years can not even be quantified.
    I have been there when that which you yearn for seems so far away but
    I have come to learn that when it comes to handling infertility: everything changes when you factor SELF in the game plan and take charge of your situation.

    The strength and learning I got from my over 7 years journey to parenthood and evidence based research has prompted me to devote my self to educate and help other intending parents achieve their dreams of their little ones in their arms.
    For the records: one reason why you are currently not rocking your little one in your arms right now as you read this is because: there must be something you are leaving to chance and some stones are u turned…you see, You do not know what you do not know and knowledge is empowering.
    Our new book GETTING PREGNANT WITH EASE is that knowledge you need. Get your copy now if you are yet to order yours: http://www.soprecious.ng/fertilitybook

    So Daddy and Mummy: Let’s do this!
    We will not give in nor give up until we bring home our healthy babies.
    Now, Let’s Cheer!
    This is to creating the most healthy bodies, the perfect eggs and the most healthy sperm cells.
    Congratulations to you!

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