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    First; there are no such truth in the words “menstrual symptoms”
    All the “symptoms” your body was designed to show you when your period arrives is blood flow and it should be a certain color range(see our previous post on colors of period)

    So For the ladies: if you experience any of these “Menstral “Symptoms”
    Serious Abdominal or pelvic cramping?
    Bloating and sore breasts?
    #Unhealthy Food cravings?
    Migraines or headaches?
    Mood swings and irritability?
    Insomonia or sleep cycles?
    painful sexual function?
    Increased or unmanaged stress levels?
    unexplained weight gain or weight loss?
    unexplained or excessive sweating?
    difficulty sleeping?
    changes in sensitivity to cold and heat?
    very dry skin or skin rashes?
    changes in blood pressure & heart rate?
    changes in blood sugar ?
    irritability and #anxiety?
    unexplained and long-term fatigue?
    increased thirst?
    reduced sex drive?
    thinning, brittle hair?
    puffy face?
    blurred vision during your period?
    deepening of the voice in female?
    irregular #period?
    They are a lot more:
    These are your body telling you that there are some imbalances going on with your hormones.
    I know we grew to be told that these are tell signs that period is on the way but we were all lied to: they are seeming signs of hormonal imbalances and if this is not sorted or are in “above medium rates”: then delayed conception time could be expected.
    We will eb discussing these and more in details in the #soprecious7dayfertilitydare #7dfd starting tomorrow 8th Feb. 2020.

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