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    Happy Birthday Gorgeous!
    Woman of Steel!
    When I saw my niece and nephew recently on how “so nigerian well-groomed” they were in U.K…I was so impressed! Your car was so clean like one of a single lady and you told me “No, they dont eat in the car”, I told Leeroy: “there you are!😂
    We went to the mall and I asked my lil nephew: what do you want?: he went to get a rubik’s cube🥶
    And you will think he thinks it’s a toy:in few minutes he was already solving it😱..even me at my age wont play around a rubik’s cube😂
    My niece is an aspiring author and when she sent me her manuscript : I was so in awe! My goodness!
    Each time I see your post on fb “Checked in to fitness chadwell heath or spin class” ..I ask myslef “Chika, what did you say your excuse was again” then you are up again for a second masters! Forget talk, na ASSET my brother marry!🙌
    Congratulations on your new brand new age and new levels of greater grace!
    I love you so much
    Happy birthday Sis!

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