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    There is so much goodness that could come from this nutty-goodness.
    Coconut offers a creamy substitute for more traditional cow milk and butter. And the nutty, sweet flavor of coconut products work well across the food spectrum, from fruit lollipop to roasted sweet potatoes.
    Below are some of them:
    Coconut Oil.
    Coconut Butter.
    Coconut Meat (dry or wet)
    Coconut Sugar as food sweeteners
    Coconut Flakes as topping or finger snacks.
    Coconut Flour for swallow
    Coconut milk for cereals or take-alone
    Coconut is incredible!
    Below are a few of its multiple uses:
    Its oil is know for use in Skin care: soap, cream, mask,makeup remover etc.
    Adding its oil to your diet helps maintain a PH level that supports vagina health.
    Coconut water has been reported to improve semen quality and testosterone levels and possesses estrogen-like substances which can impact positively on female fertility.
    In a recent study:
    Testicular and ovarian tissue appeared healthier in usage of coconut water.
    The results suggest that coconut water acts on the HPG (hypothalamo-pituitary-gonadal axis)
    to positively influence reproductive function in both males and females.

    coconut water is a suitable diluent for semen on artificial insemination, which supports conception, helps bowel movement and productivity index at birth.
    I found that many local producers leech plastics into coconut oil production and you all know that I am anti-plastic in food so unless it’s for tropical use: if you want to cook with coconut oil : make yours. It’s so simple else do not use for food if stored in plastic.
    Coconut oil also has high levels of lauric acid which is antiviral, antibacterial and has also been shown to have the ability to kill parasites in the body. Lauric acid supports our immune systems and is key ingredient in breast milk.
    Some easy ways to get your coconut oil in your meal is to put a tablespoon in your smoothie or breakfast porridge.
    I simply get my coconut butter by blending its flesh with ice cubes: the pure butter settles beneath and I use for several dishes.
    Because coconut oil is stable at high heat it makes an excellent oil for cooking for me and I use it in place of cow milk. I use coconut oil as it makes my skin super soft. It was great during my pregnancy also : helped with stretch marks and itching.
    Its flesh is excellent for smoothies and in my new book I shared recipe on how you can make fertility drinks from coconut.
    Have you tried the #sopreciousfertiledrinks I shared in the book #gettingpregnantwithease ?
    What are you waiting for.
    Click link in bio to get a copy now and start making your easy fertile drinks and meals from your fertile foods in season

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