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    Studies show that the best time to exercise if you want to sleep well at night is in the morning. Exercising in the later part of the day (less than 6 hours before bed) can disrupt sleep. So schedule in your daily exercise for at least 40 minutes before work or during lunch time.
    Yesterday’s Dare on Day 3 of the ongoing #soprecious7dayfertilitydare we discussed Sleep hygiene and stress management for optimal fertility and todays we are Zero’ing on exercise for the #ttc intending parent.
    When most heard of exercise: they think of hard-core high intensity strength work out but this is totally different from what is required to “get your system up” for improved fertility.
    Have you read our earlier post on activities for day 4 fertility dare?
    Simple ways to include exercises in your daily life are:
    1. Set “stretch and walk-around” reminders every hour to stand from your desk and take a walk : even if for 5mins.

    2. Brisk walking, yoga, Zumba/ dancing, stretching, and lower intensity Pilates is excellent for pre-conception preparation.
    3. If you are registered with a Gym:
    Let your workout duration be within 45mins: opt for the types listed above.

    Personally I like brisk walking as my favorite and I take it in parts eg park farer from where I’m going so I can walk (of course when on flats which I always have in my bag), take the stairs instead of taking elevator,
    I often do not use the words “weight loss” because if you loose weight without a plan to maintain it healthily especially with the recent craze of use of “No exercise weight loss” unsafe herbs and active ingredients that I have found most to be carcinogenic and could trigger early abortion.
    The intending parent needs to be careful to of consumption even with the need to maintain a healthy weight for conception.

    This is the gap that the soprecious ELIXIR drink handles: it’s all organic , body safe ingredients combined to nurture egg quality and sperm parameter upgrade with guarantee results in less than 3 months of consumption .
    Get the Soprecious Elixir drink:

    Weight management is a factor of “consumption vs what is worked out”
    Asides the chronic diseases that accompany poor diet and sedentary lifestyle.
    I dealt in detail with a very important aspect of weight management in my new book getting pregnant with EASE : especially on effective tools for
    Portion control and BMI.
    Get your copies now:

    For further study, this is a really helpful article for exercises when expecting or pregnant.


    Comment to tell me how your exercise and which type works for you?

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