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    Ok lets take care of the basic definitions so you dont mix things up.
    Baking soda is often confused with baking powder or washing soda. Baking soda is comprised solely of sodium bicarbonate, while baking powder is a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and cream of tartar. Washing soda, on the other hand, is the salt of carbonic acid and is commonly used as a cleaner
    Bicarbonate of soda is one life-saver item that has become a staple in my house.
    Baking soda is a staple in practically every household, but how much do you really know about this seemingly simple ingredient?

    What Is Baking Soda, and How Did It Become the Household Staple It Is Today?

    It has so many uses and a few that I explore are:
    In my video series: #sopreciousfertilityculprits(click link in bio to watch our insightful videos on YouTube), I explained the impact of pesticides that come to our table from our produce -on fertility.
    Did you know that A small spoon of this soda and water soak for 12 to 15 minutes is enough to remove 80 and 96 percent of certain pesticides from produce like apples — better than tap water alone. Baking soda helps degrade certain pesticides so they can be washed away so I sprinkle and wash some over washable imported produce when I buy those.
    As a natural cleaner 
    A mixture of baking soda and water can be used as an effective, nonabrasive cleaner. I wipe away old food residues from the inside of a refrigerator or sprinkle baking soda down the drain with hot water to freshen up the pipes, clean tubs, sinks, and shower curtain, and buff out scuff marks from floors.

    safely clean pots and pans 
    When cooked food stays stuck to mu pan, I simply add baking soda to the pan, filling with hot water, and soaking for 15 to 30 minutes. The baking soda will help lift the crusty food pieces. So I dont damage my pots by scratching with iron sponge.

    To wash clothes
     Adding ½ cup of baking soda to the wash water for rinse cycle freshens up my clothes — without all the chemicals in other products
    So let’s now talk about my most frequent use of this “fertility goodgirl:
    it’s my top-notch deodorizer.
    baking soda has antimicrobial benefits, which potentially means that it has the ability to fight off odor-causing bacteria under your arms.

    While pregnant, I made some resolves to go natural on alot of thing. Going off conventional deodorants was one of them and I havr never gone back.

    This is especially because of my concerns about chemicals and ingredients used in many commercial deodorants, such as:

    Aluminum.  absorbing aluminum from a deodorant can increase the risk of breast cancer and other cancers.

    Parabens: some early studies indicate that parabens found in beauty and personal care products may increase the risk of cancerous skin damage. Watch my YouTube videos on impact of this on your fertility. Click link in bio to watch

    Triclosan. This ingredient may disrupt some types of hormones.

    Artificial colors. These may cause skin irritation.
    So below is my simple odor and bacterial-proof armpit detox.
    For starts you can do twice weekly and as your body normalizes to it you go once in a while.
    I do this once in like 2 weeks and trust me: I am odor proof without conventional body deodorant.
    The ingredients are easy and you can tweak it a bit as you prefer.
    How to make a DIY baking soda deodorant

    To use baking soda as a deodorant, you can pat a small amount on your underarms. But this method can become quite messy and likely won’t work too well.

    A better option is to make a deodorant paste by following these easy steps:

    Mix about 1/4 tsp. baking soda with a small amount of lukewarm water in a bowl until it forms a paste.

    Apply the paste to your underarms, gently patting it onto your skin with your fingertips.

    Make sure the paste is completely dry before getting dressed.

    You can also combine baking soda with other ingredients without using water.

    Mix 1 part baking soda with 6 parts cornstarch, which can act as an antiperspirant to keep you dry.

    Mix 1 part baking soda with 2 parts shea butter or coconut butter, which may be helpful for dry, sensitive skin.

    Mix 1 part baking soda with 4 parts coconut oil, and add a drop of an essential oil, like lavender or tea tree oil

    No matter which recipe you choose, it’s important to conduct a patch test ahead of time to make sure your skin isn’t sensitive to any of the ingredients.


    If baking soda causes your skin to dry out, itch, or become irritated, you may want to consider trying other natural deodorant options, such as:

    apple cider vinegar, diluted in water

    coconut oil


    shea butter

    witch hazel

    tea tree oil or other essential oils diluted in a carrier oil
    Using baking soda as an exfoliant

    Exfoliation can stimulate cell turnover, which can result in your skin surface appearing brighter, smoother, and, in some cases, lighter.

    I suggest using a paste of baking soda and water as a scrub to clean the accumulation of dead skin cells from your underarms.

    You can also mix baking soda with other ingredients, such as:

    coconut oil

    lemon juice





    apple cider vinegar

    For the Soprecious Armpit detox: I go simple using just 3 ingredients that i have:
    I have a full grown pot of aloe vera
    I have a box of bicarbonate of soda
    Then water
    That’s all:

    In a small glass or ceramic bowl: mix equal parts of aloe, the soda and the water until you get the consistency as in the post. Swirl and mix.
    Spread in an even layer over your armpits and massage into the pit: let it sit for 15 minutes. You can get busy with something else.

    I have the ingredients in the shower so it’s easy to simply Wash off in the shower, or with a wet, warm washcloth.
    If desired, you can swipe your armpits with apple cider vinegar using cotton balls or a second washcloth. ACV is known to neutralize bad bacteria that may be causing the stink, but it’s also a mild acid. I don’t recommend doing this if you have sensitive skin.

    Repeat the detox as needed, to keep the stink at bay or as you are switching to natural deodorant.
    Love it up if Would you try this?

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