Getting Pregnant With Ease

Getting Pregnant With Ease

Sustainable Lifestyle Choices For Improved Fertility

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Evidence-based insight on critical factors that affect fertility

The pros and cons of MANY dietary theories to help each individual find their optimal way of eating and living.

Tips, suggestions, tools and practical techniques for gaining results with each stage of fertility intervention. 

How to be more aware of what is going on in your body and why you feel or act the way you do and how all these impacts your fertility- body literacy.

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About the Author

Chika Samuels grew up in a Christian home with firm commitment to family ties.

She is married to a fantastic guy and they are blessed with a son who came after seven years of waiting.

Those years of waiting transformed her life in many ways. Now, she is a fertility and lifestyle coach at SoPrecious Fertility & Lifestyle Centre, where she supports intending couples and those interested in overall health improvements- to fulfill their dreams of a better life and a more enriched family-building experience.

She derives immense joy by adding value, leaving people better than she met them and impacting her world with the investments of her personality.

Getting Pregnant With Ease is an evidence-based, insightful book, which she wrote, not just to identify and address the ‘WHYs’ and ‘WHATs’ of infertility and wellness but most importantly, to provide the ‘HOWs’ for a more result-oriented approach to fertility and lifestyle issues faced by today’s urban adult.

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