ATTENTION: Now You Can Join Our Hand-Held SoPrecious Fertility Coaching Program

Your exclusive Holistic Evidence-Based Natural Treatment for Infertility

This is a complete 4 weeks hand-held fertility Program with nothing missing (Everything you need to conceive and carry to full term)

The specialization of fertility-based medicine is rapidly expanding into nutritional and complementary medicine as a whole.

When working so intimately at this level, it is critical to have a community of expert healers (who have one’s best interest at heart) from all facets of wellness to help and assist one another in the treatment of one of the most sensitive issues in a couple’s life – the struggle with infertility.

Certain evidence-based fertile Diet and prenatal lifestyle are the most important factors in a person’s health. Both are directly related to our hormonal system, which affects reproductive health, so altering and adjusting these have been found to one of the keys to increasing fertility and maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

SOPRECIOUS PREMIUM FERTILITY TREATMENT PLAN partners with expert medical practitioners and continues to offer couples/individuals- an Integrated Fertility tools that will give them the tools to improve their health and wellbeing, whilst increasing their chances for conception and sustaining a healthy pregnancy.


Mr & Mrs J.E - Lagos Nigeria
In April 2020, my period that is never late, was late! After that cycle I was late again for another 3 weeks. This time I decided to use the pregnancy home test kit I had. Well, The test came out positive!! I tested again and again for 2 more consecutive days and it was still positive! I'm just so grateful for this soprecious fertility program and God as they both played a HUGE role in this. I hope this encourages someone here to keep at it and never give up. Our Soprecious baby arrived 25th January 2020 at 10.10pm”
Mummy Oluwatobi, Alaska U.S.A
So here's my story, I was battling with endometriosis, 1 ovary not working due to endo and all the trial and error herbs I took over the years plus, low AMH(egg quality) and 2 failed rounds of IVF with poor implantation. I enrolled for the SoPrecious Fertility Coaching program june 2020, not quite sure what to expect but I trusted the process and gave it my best shot. The tough calls was letting go off coffee, soda, plastics, junk, alcohol and chemicals (skin products, cleaning and toiletries). We had to drop gluten and dairy as well, fitted a good water filter, adopted the Elixir drink for at least 8months and used the prescribed supplementational plans. Well, we're now nearly 13 weeks pregnant with a very healthy little boy, my first ever confirmed Pregnancy! My joy knows no bounds! I'm still following almost everything on the SoPrecious Fertility Lifestyle protocols under the keen eyes of mummy chika 🙄and will do so for a long long time. So here's to encourage you to hang in there--your turn will soon come and I look to read your Testimony on the SoPrecious group. Wishing you all bravery and courage Xoxo
Bukola Olaiya - Nigeria
The soprecious dare and YouTube series are really eductional and help you make informed decision, Her teachings are backed up with research and proven ways that work. I already was on the healthy eating and So Precious re inforced it. I am glad i conceived and i have my healthy baby boy
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MODULE 1 (Valued at $1000/N500,000):

  1. Soprecious comprehensive fertility tests and scans & medical analytical interpretation of the results with our team of health practitioners

  2. Dietary and Lifestyle assessment and modification tools -How to make sustainable dietary & lifestyle modifications that creates the fertile womb environment for your babies.
  3. One-month supply of prenatal egg ovarian reserve-boosting Smoothie packs
  4. One-month supply of libido & sperm quality boosting Smoothie packs
  5. One-month+ supply of the bestseller prenatal detox drink- The soprecious elixir prenatal drink pack
  6. One-month supply of hormone-balancing herbal loose tea for beverage.
  7. One month supply of sperm count & motility-boosting, and egg-quality smoothie herbal blend mixes
  8. Bespoke Nigerian Fertility-boosting meal plan & recipes
  9. Shop healthy & affordable: Healthy shopping chart guide
  10. DIY Virtual healthy kitchen make-over
  11. Free copies of two SoPrecious best selling Fertility books.

MODULE 2 ( Valued at $500):

  1. One month supply of tools for accurate Ovulation tracking
  2. One month supply of Toxin-free Female sanitary hygiene pads.
  3. One month supply of safe alternatives to personal care products supply (Body Creams, Soaps, facial masks)
  4. Resources for prenatal self-care planning, stress management and sleep quality improvement.
  5. Resources for Mind management principles, Relationship management- Resource exercise assessments
  6. Environmental toxins awareness classes and resource tools
  1. Strategic Ovulation tracking classes to target Fertility window for fast conception
  2. Personal prenatal exercise coaching sessions to keep fit and maintain a healthy weight while grooming a Healthy body for your babies.
  3. Practical sex therapy classes on how to make love for faster “goal hitting” chances
  4. How to enjoy sex while trying for a child- Bedroom sex-den virtual declutter revamp

MODULE 3 (Valued at $500):

MODULE 4 (Valued at $1000):

  1. Complete one month Pharmaceutical- grade Fertility supplements dosage supply for immediate visible difference in cycle, egg and sperm quality–10% discount on repeat orders
  2. Effective Mind and relationship management classes with improved bonding between the couple
  3. Psychological relationship-healing therapy sessions with a reowned relationship coach
  4. Free Fertility value resources ( eg educational videos , audios, PowerPoint presentation with accountability action plan)


The treatment plan will be released in easy-to-follow weekly educational-based modules delivered on our private virtual communication platform. Each module is filled with videos, action guides, resources and recipes.

We’ve broken down the plan into short, digestible videos within the fertility call-in sessions with the  coach. You’ll watch and learn from your computer or your tablet or mobile device and experience the programme in the comfort of your own home, and at your own pace.

Our goal is to make your online learning experience as easy and enjoyable as possible yet offering that daily unmistaken personal touch with the fertility coach.


Mrs Cynthia - Noakville, ON, Canada
“Chika put together a comprehensive fertility programme that was easy to follow and eventually allowed my husband and i to achieve my ultimate goal of getting pregnant. Anyone who is experiencing infertility should seriously consider using chika’s services to optimise their best chances of conceiving, whether naturally or through assisted measures.”
Mrs D, St, Canada
What a wonderful fertility programme, we had been trying for 7 and half years before a friend referred us to Mummy Chika. There is nothing like soprecious fertility programme in the world- trust me – we have seen it all but what she offers is different. Each week is jam-packed with heaps of information to help couples become the best they can be. This was a wonderful gift in my life and we are forever changed by it. Best of all ,Because of this programme we got pregnant, baby arrived 5th January 2020 at 07.09am


Chika Samuels is a Holistic Fertility Expert.
She created the Soprecious 7 step B.I.R.T.H® fertility intervention methodology from her passion for educating and coaching men and women on improving their health and fertility through holistic methods.
Her innovative programme and treatment plan integrates meta-analysis scientific research and a holistic approach that chika has successfully used herself on her own fertility journey as well as with many couples from all around the world.

Her unique treatment plan is customized to the needs of both those wishing to work with natural fertility methods and those undergoing IVF procedures and those wishing to work with natural Fertility.

She is excited to now be able to offer this treatment plan online (with products getting to any location in the world) to a global audience.

All of the information in this plan, Chika has used for her own fertility success and continues to use every day. Her goal is to personally guide you through every aspect of the programme.