Don’t Give up- Trust the process

Hi soprecious parents, we have been pretty quiet with the first positive pregnancy result and told mummy chika that we don’t want to share and I love her because she respects you and your opinions but, I saw that someone posted that the results that we announce, give people hope. I know it massively helped me when I saw these kind of posts this time last year when I was so desperate and came across soprecious fertility dare exercise for the first time.

We were diagnosed here in France with unexplained infertility and told IUI or IVF were our only options. As Mummy chika says that’s just medically lazy and not looking for the real minor factors that could be standing in the way.

Turns out cutting out plastic from our home, drinking only our special filtered water with the filter rate she prescribed, using vinegar and bicarbonate soda for cleaning only, washing with soap nuts and taking all toxins out of home including only using safe and toxin free personal care and make up PLUS following consistently mummy chikas STRICT bespoke fertile diet and my really expensive bespoke supplementation plan–
no gluten, no dairy, no soy, no refined sugar, no alcohol, no caffeine for 6 months (first 3 months after the one on one program, I kept slipping once in a while but she was always reassuring, I don’t know how she manages to be so available for the large number of couples she manages with various time zones all around the world, also AND working on the mental part of the program  and taking time to meditate every morning and learning to be grateful every day for what we already have– meant I came out the other side of that very dark and depressing tunnel.

We’ve just passed our first trimester and our little rainbow baby is healthy and strong against my doctors report- they didn’t believe i could conceive naturally but look at me now with bulging stomach!!
One thing I would advise is that, if you are not willing to do the work and looking for someone to give you an easy magic pill to get pregnant next month or unwilling to commit a 100% to soprecious fertility program then don’t bother enrolling because the program will drive you out of your comfort zone into your path to parenthood and you need to be WIILLING, PAITENT and trust the process.
I know it feels like a lot and you won’t make all the changes at once but trust that each little but incredibly important step that mummy chika opens your eyes with, is taking you closer to your end result!

Hope this gives you all some hope and wishing you all lots of love and faith for you all.

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