Most know that cooking deliciously is a skill.
Seasoning or condiments have long become staple items in the pantry and many are living to eat instead of eating to live.
Seasoning cubes or powders came with urbanization.
Those of you that met your grannies or had relationshipswith same: Can you recall how you looked forward to their meals?
Were they using processed seasonings?
How did they make such elbow-to-finger licking meals with all natural organic produce?
Food additives are used to enhance the flavor, appearance or texture of a product, or to extend its shelf life.
Some have been associated with adverse health effects and should be avoided, while others are safe and can be consumed with minimal risk.
Lets look at MSG (monosodium glutamate): its a food additive that is found in many foods,used to intensify and enhance the flavor of savory dishes,especially in fast food restaurants. #MSGs often overexcite our nerve cells in the brain and can even (eaten in large amounts) cause brain cell death.
indicates that MSG may have some deleterious effects on the oocytes of the ovaries and contributes to the causes of female infertility and also various degrees of alterations in both semen characteristics and testes.
A recent sample administration on sperm morphology revealed significant reductions in sperm count and serum testosterone levels in addition to morphological and histological changes to
testicular tissue.
Through its stimulation of the orosensory receptors and by improving the palatability of meals, MSG influences the appetite positively, and induces weight gain.

Despite its taste stimulation and improved appetite enhancement, reports indicate that MSG is toxic to human and experimental animals.

 Indeed Monosodium glutamate has been implicated in the aetiology of several ailments including epilepsy stroke and

Little by little makes high doses.
If you must use processed inorganic seasonings:  at least go for those with lower doses of MSG, replace with healthier alternatives like sea salt, herbs, organic fresh spices as demonstrated in the #soprecioushealthkitchen

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