Just the simple term #mucus grosses most of us out, right? Oddly enough, it’s actually a simple result of our body trying to protect itself. Sound strange? Check this out: the body produces mucus as a protection mechanism (like other bodily fluids), they contain an enzyme that helps break pathogens we encounter through the environment, our food, or when our immune systems sense they are under attack.
This is why allergic or processed foods produce mucus, and why when you’re sick you produce more eg you produce bodily fluids when you have vagina thrush or infections.
The problem here is if we’re consistently producing mucus all the time, this indicates the immune system consistently senses it is under attack & may also indicate that the #gutbacteria is weakened since it protects us from infection and unhealthy bacteria in which the body wouldn’t produce mucous in the first place.)
You get the picture?

So, if we are producing too much mucus (post nasal drip after eating, constantly running nose, polyp cystic, fibrioda , acne, or persistent mucus from the nose or eyes), we need to think about what we are eating, drinking, or encountering that is triggering the reaction. For many people,I found that the culprits are the 7 #sopreciousfertiltyculprits.
Click links in bio to see those if you missed the event. For others, it might be an autoimmune disease or a simple zinc or #goodbacteria deficiency.
So the first step is to find out the culprits, remove it, and then participate in the #soprecious7dayfertility.

Scroll links to bio to participate. Excess carbohydrates and refined sugar can also weaken good bacteria and, therefore, cause the body to produce mucus as a result. So whatever your case may be, figure that out first, and then add these foods below.

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