#caffeine can be found in the form of coffee, tea,energy drinks, soft drinks, or chocolate.

#Caffeine has been proven to inhibit ovulation, cause #menstrualcycles to be irregular and causing difficulty in conception. Even when #conception occurs, caffeine increases the likelihood of miscarriage as it disturbs the uterine lining which in turn prevents implantation of the fertilized egg.

The male factors are not left behind, Caffeine has also been proven to cause significant reduction in weight of the #testes and epididymes, #spermcount and #spermmotility.

But I got Good news,there is this “awkward-looking” #fruit that comes under the #superfoods classification.
#soursop, some people grew up calling it “Shawshop”đŸ˜€ The improvement and healing effect of Soursop to sperm and egg quality is attributed to its rich vitamin C content & antioxidant properties.

I love making creamy #fruitdrinks out of its extract and I love it cold.

I love using its white pulp to make #homemade #candies, #sorbets and #ice-cream flavorings as will be shown in the #soprecioushealthkitchen

Who has had this fruit recently?
How do you like eating it?

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