Have you been trying to conceive and/or take a healthy pregnancy to term for over 2 years?

This is for you!

Scientifically predict your chances of having a baby through the implementation of the Soprecious 7 step B.I.R.T.H® fertility intervention methodolog ?

For years we have helped thousands of couples overcome infertility and recurrent miscarriages to create healthy babies and happy families–even when other treatments have failed. What we've learnt has the potential to completely revolutionise your fertility outcomes. Discover what is keeping you infertile today and take charge of your results to create the healthy baby of your dreams!

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Hello, my name is Chika

A fertility and Lifestyle coach : Founder of Soprecious fertility and lifestyle intervention center.

Years ago, my husband and I were diagnosed of multiple infertility illnesses and we engaged the best doctors there was and at some point we were advised to explore the egg & sperm donor option as they said it was impossible for us to have our own child

Well, On June 16th 2018, we overcame 7 years of infertility and had a natural birth of a super healthy son against doctors report.

Now I am an internationally multi-certified holistic wellness coach and integrative health practitioner with deep passion for the fertility niche, enabling other women with the tools that I won my fight with.

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