Hi, I am Chika Samuels,

A fertility and Lifestyle coach : founder of Soprecious fertility and lifestyle intervention center.

Years ago, my husband and I were diagnosed of multiple infertility illnesses and we engaged the best doctors there was and at some point we were advised to explore the egg & sperm donor option as they said it was impossible for us to have our own child

Well, On June 16th 2018, we overcame 7 years of infertility and had a natural birth of a super healthy son against doctors report.

As I share my story and researched, I found out that there are so many that are “in same shoes” and because infertility is an illness that is culturally stigmatized, a lot of intending couples are subject to depression, fear and make king-size mistakes out of ignorance.

As I engaged some of them and proffered some of the lessons I learnt during my journey to parenthood, everything changed when they applied those same principles despite age, sperm abnormalities, infertility complications, medical reports, miscarriages, failed IVFs I had the inclination to imprint this on the sands of time, in a book titled “GETTING PREGNANT WITH EASE: Sustainable lifestyle choices for Improved fertility. I am willing to share these learnings as I do not want one more intending couple to be in these years of wait.