A.R.T is not a magic bullet-Do your role

One of my hallmarks is “originality”, I do not like ambiguity.
I am all for an educational approach to fertility treatment.
If you are following, you will hear me mention often “meta-analysis research”

All research are not mates!
Every recommendation I share is validated in a vast body of sound research and the question that I often hear from the intending couples that I work with on our fertility program is “Wow, it all makes sense now, but how come my doctor never explained it this way to me before I embarking on these treatments and IVFs?
Your guess is as good as mine. The answer is saddening but yet simple.
Studying updated outputs of sound research based on scientific evidence and publications in medical journals is a long tasking activity and not many ‘experts’ have time for such so its easier to sell the belief that technology is more effective than the body fixing itself.

Let me break it down for you-
Case study 1: if your expert takes time to educate and coach you to identify the triggers/root causes in your, say diet and lifestyle, that are causing the repetitive miscarriages/ re-growing and enlarged adhesions and cysts/fibroids – the result will most likely be that your body will self-heal and conceive naturally so you will not need to pay again for another analysis, surgery or IVF etc.
Case study 2: When a couple is faced with, lets say, sperm DNA fragmentation and poor egg quality, they are quickly asked to go for sperm or egg donor(like my husband and I were told) and education on the impact on the egg by helping to correct DNA errors within the sperm are not given. A woman can not make more eggs than she was born with but she can definitely improve the quality of her eggs, also the man can improve the sperm health (and chances of live birth) by simply adopting healthier lifestyle choices.

If the male cells are not in top quality then biologically, the egg must use its own internal resources (and mitochondrial energy, closely linked to its embryonic development and viability) to correct sperm issues hence the chances of fertilization and early embryonic development are often reduced and the couple continue going around in circles while ‘Oga’ is continually (and wrongly) told that jerking off in a cup for semen sampling & footing the bills is all the contribution he can offer on their fertility journey.

So ‘Oga’ is off “bursting steam” with friends, engaging in drinking caffeine, alcohol and smoking- lifestyle that is detrimental to sperm health while ‘madam’ is home pounding her body with IVF injections (chemicals and toxins), while her mental health is taking a beat, their finances are depleted and their overall quality of life is diminished and precious time is going.

I have had couples that come to me and say “I am tired of waiting for natural, I just want to go straight for IVF” and after zooming into their blood work, I recommend that that route at that time is going to sink money and time because their bodies are not in the best shape to assure a positive outcome at first or even second attempt . On the other hand, when this couple put in the effort to become the healthiest version of themselves, they are adding rather than withdrawing from your health and fertility storage vault.

If you think you are doing all you should and still no progress, it most likely means that the tools you are deploying are not working. There are missing links to your fertility that your current strategy is missing.
The sure direct route to carrying to term- though may seem slow and long is to address the relevant root causes to your healthiest possible self before applying technology.

Technological interventions like A.R.T (Assisted reproductive technology) for infertility have become a multi-billion-dollar industry since their inception in 1978, with investors demanding ROI.
I trust you know that this return depends on more people doing more cycles.

My opinion is that these tech interventions are not foolproof science.
The reasons why they fail are not far-fetched- Unidentified / unresolved root causing obstructions to optimum fertility.

Often times, I will recommend that a couple runs our fertility program to identify and address these roadblocks- while they have time so that we can achieve a high likelihood at first attempt unlike the international guideline of three to five attempts recommended for A.R.T trials to conception.
I deem A.R.T as a support to treatment where necessary, however what I find is that couples are encouraged to keep trying again – one failed IVF after another with minimal focus on what can be improved or optimized in between these failed cycles, in order to yield better results especially in view of current scientific evidence that shows increased risk of rare cancers (and potentially other conditions) in IVF/ICSI-conceived children and their mothers.

Several occasions as it was in my case, where couples enroll for our one-on-one fertility programs- couples who have counted at least 2 failed IVF cycles and are told- it is a game of number so they should try again without addressing the root issues.

Our experience is that- the moment they are educated on their roles and are supported to make healthier choices – we have these same couples conceive naturally!
A.R.T is a fantastic tool and Of course, there are rare cases, were after analyzing the odds and options of the couple with our medical experts- I immediately recommend that the couple should go for IVF without delay, in these cases, our program provides the effective tools and support needed to remove the root causes and increase the likelihood of a positive outcome of taking a healthy baby home.
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© Chika Samuels
Fertility and Lifestyle coach

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