Weight loss Detox Nutritional Plan

12 Weeks Metabolic Weight loss Program To Shed That Weight & Keep It Off

The secret to losing weight once and for all!

Having tried all available short term strategies for weight loss and seeing many people lose weight for the first few weeks and then end up gaining it all back because their metabolism is slowed to match their new caloric intake.

I’ve seen this so many times in my practice – women looking older than their husbands, young people in their forties/ fifties living in chronic body pains, low energy and mood and unable to live their best lives.

The Long term solution

I created a long-term weight loss solution for people who want to continue experiencing the benefits of weight loss without having to cut calories and slow their metabolism.

The Soprecious 12 weeks weight loss detox nutritional plan is designed as a long term, sustainable, metabolic and weight loss system to give real results by working at an underlying root causal level. This allows you to lose weight and keep it off as we continue to get the body healthier and boost your metabolism.

In this nutritional plan, I will teach you exactly how this system works and explain the key factors that play the biggest role in weight loss and boosting the metabolism. Then you can see the difference for yourself and share with others how they can lose the weight and keep it off.

The goal of this plan is to BOOST your metabolism and to be able to eat adequate calories on a daily basis while still achieving your weight loss goals.

A healthy body cannot be overweight

…and as we work through the system you will see that weight loss is the result of a healthy body.

In just week one- you are expected to drop at least 3kg minimum!


The rules are not grieveous – just Keep your meals simple, follow the plan, rebalance your body, and watch the weight come off!

A 12 weeks group service of bio-individual nutritional plan to sustainable weight control.


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USD – 5072005117
GBP – 506051015

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Here's What's Included:

Fat Burning Functional Medicine:
Clinically formulated DAY & NIGHT fat burning functional medicine and Ayurvedic herbs supplement combo pack

Weekly Check-ins:
Weekly group house call/ check in appointments with the health coach

Free Food Journal Review:
A daily log of what you eat and drink each day. helps you and your doctor understand your eating habits.

Free Food Journal Review:
Weekly group house call/ check in appointments with the health coach

Book Discount:
50% off on our amazon- best seller fertility book- Getting pregnant with ease

Virtual Grocery store tours Discount:
how to read nutrition labels, how to choose healthier food options etc

Free Mindful eating videos:
How to eat your favorite meals and still slay slim

Video Guide: How to create own fatloss Meal planning from local ingredients

Plan support by Soprecious admins to answer all plan-related questions

Free Recipes:
Free healthy fatloss meal recipes using organic farm-fresh local ingredients

Healthy Weight control shopping list:
You get an integrative health practitional-approved healthy weight control shopping list

Free referrals to organic food stuff suppliers (deliveries available in Nigeria only)

Free Virtual kitchen health-makeover:

 Your kitchen gets the opportunity to be “health-audited” & suggested healthier alternatives for efficient weight loss are suggested

Monthly YOGA Sessions:
Access to the soprecious Monthly Yoga sessions (available only in lagos Nigeria)

Free Personalized exercise program:

 to support your new body transformation

Free Access to the soprecious fat loss & wellness private community

Hey, I'm Chika Samuels

Chika Samuels is a inspiring young woman with firm commitment to family ties.
She is married to a fantastic guy and they are blessed with a son who came after seven years of waiting.

Those years of waiting transformed her life in many ways. Now, She is a fertility coach at SoPrecious Fertility & Lifestyle Centre, where she supports those struggling with infertility and those interested in overall health improvements- to fulfill their dreams of a better life and a more enriched family-building experience.

She got interested in raving success of natural health in new cells regeneration, chronic diseases prevention, improve wellness and longevity so she enrolled for mastery clinical practice to become an intergrative health practitioner and has her niche on helping urban adults adopt sustainable healthy lifestyle , weight loss programs, natural skin care and therapeutic sleep management.

She derives immense joy by adding value, leaving people better than she met them and impacting her world with the investments of her personality.